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End of Season Mackinac Island

I need to start with an apology. Three weeks ago we drove back to Grand Rapids for a ribbon cutting at Grand Rapids Community College where David serves on the board and despite our best intentions we never made it back to Mackinac Island.

David cut his foot while power washing and he was instructed to stay off of it while it heals. Yes, he will be fine, but that meant no walking on the Island. So we stayed home with the pups, canceled plans with friends and David will eventually have a really cool scar to show off to his buddies. I apologize for not catching you up before now.

Our last days of the summer on the Island were spent filled with friends and laughter and celebration. Pictures are below. We did manage to get one last meal in with our former neighbors, Craig and Meredith. So nice to catch up with old friends. They are very well traveled and adventurous eaters. Because of that we decided to do a night at the Kingston Kitchen which specializes in Jamaican food. Craig and Meredith both had curries, Craig's was actually with goat. I had a Jamaican Fried Chicken that was super crispy and very peppery. David enjoyed the planked whitefish topped with lemon butter and capers and surrounded by duchess potatoes. I was hoping to do a story about the restaurant, but that will have to wait until next year now. I did enjoy the rice and red beans very much. They reminded me of Lizzies rice that she used to flavor with lots of garlic and clove. I inquired about the recipe, but again, maybe next year. For now, Lizzie's recipe for her Kenyan rice is below. That will give you a feel for the Kingston Kitchen, if you find yourself yearning for those flavors.

We also spent time with friends of David's from the Kentwood Class of 1969. How special to spend the evenings reminiscing on the back porch and celebrating more than 50 years of friendship.

When I noticed the busses driving through our neighborhood here in GR last week it hit me that summer had ended with very little fanfare and I looked back through our memories with regret. The season just wasn't long enough to accomplish everything I wanted to this year. We were looking forward to one more dinner at the Jockey Club. You would have read about previous Jockey Club dinners and yummy desserts in the post about the Grand Hotel Pecan Ball and Fourth of July on Mackinac Island.

We were looking forward to getting inside of at least one more home to give you an inside tour much like we did at Silver Birches.

I wanted just one more event where residents gathered together to support and celebrate the charities that make Mackinac Island so special, much like we did at the WaWa Hop and the Mackinac Associates gathering.

But it wasn't meant to be. The season doesn't officially end until October 31, but for us, it's goodbye for now. It's time for the long, glorious days of summer to end. But our tiny condo with the container of smoky pimento cheese tucked into the back corner of the fridge is only a four hour drive and a ferry ride away. It's calling us back because the magic of Mackinac isn't just in the summer. We will likely be back before the year end, probably in October to enjoy the turning leaves and the smells of autumn blowing off of Lake Huron. And then again before Christmas as people gather around the town Christmas Tree singing carols like the residents of Whoville. Stay tuned for posts then and in the meantime if I get a wild inspiration for a recipe or something amazing happens, I will keep you updated.

If you happen to make it up to the Island yet this year, make sure and post some photos for those of us who can't be there on Facebook at Everything Mackinac. Or send them along to me and maybe I'll do a compilation at the very end of the season.

I hope you are enjoying Everything-Mackinac blog. Sign up by clicking here so that you don't miss a single issue. And I hope you will share this with all of your friends. I know they will be glad you did.

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