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Six Common Questions

How Big Is Mackinac Island?

Mackinac Island is 8.3 Miles in circumference and 4.35 miles in total area.  Perched on the highest point of the island is Fort Holmes which is 320 feet above the lake but about 270 feet above sea level. 

Is There A School On The Island?

There is a K-12 school on Mackinac Island with a total enrollment of just under 70 students. The largest class has 10 students and the smallest has 4. Children walk or ride their bikes to school except in the winter when many are transported by snowmobile. Most children live about one mile from the school.

Do People Live On Mackinac Island All Year Round?

About 600 people live here year round. Many have become very close friends as you might imagine. There is a ferry that runs year round, as long as the lake is not frozen of course.  When the lake freezes people either take a snowmobile across the lake on a designated safe trail, or they hop and skip over on a small plane.

Are The Stores Open In The Winter?

You bet. The hardware, post office and grocery store and library are open all year round and that makes the residents very happy.

Is It True There Are No Cars On The Island?

There really are no cars allowed on the Island except for Emergency and Park Vehicles. Residents are allowed to use snowmobiles but only in the winter time.

Can You Bring Your Dog On Mackinac Island?

Dogs are allowed on the Island so go ahead and bring them but please remember to pick up after your dog. Horses are allowed to do their business on the road, dogs are not. One more thing, please keep your pooch on a leash. There are two pet friendly hotels, Mission Point Resort and Sunset Condominiums. 

Do You Have A Question? 

If you have a question or a comment that wasn't covered here, please reach out.  

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